A new phenomenon of the world economy

There are more than 100 centralized Crypto Exchanges and a great variety of different cryptocurrencies in the world, only one of which constitute a significant proportion of market capitalization. It is Bitcoin. We are positive about the phenomenal future of blockchain technology and crypto market assets, so we point all our energy into development of reliable, convenient and fast solutions for traders worldwide

Which problems of the market have we solved?

  • By placing your funds on one exchange, the trader assumes the risk of bankruptcy of the exchange
  • By placing his funds on several exchanges, trader is forced to sell through several web platforms, which is very inconvenient
  • Existing applications for trading crypto assets, are not competitive in comparison with existing platforms for trading on the classic exchanges

We have solved that problem, by using professional interface, which helps the traders to trade on the most liquid crypto exchanges, using one application - Zeon Trading Platform

All Crypto Exchanges on one Platform

Use one platform to trade on most popular Crypto Exchanges



Unlimited possibilities for professional trading

Diversified portfolio of Crypto Exchanges

Managing your risks has never been so convenient

Exchanges which are connected to our platform
Work with the most popular world Crypto Exchanges, using only one platform. Could not find a specific Exchange? Vote for the new Exchange and it will be added to the platform very soon
Building the roads and railways for the future of financial markets
Vitaly Kirpichev

Chief Executive Officer

Edеm Меmеtоv

Chief Financial Officer

Egor Gerasimov

Chief Technical Officer

Matt Nuyanzin

Head of Client Success

Valery Yaroslavlev

Head of Development Dept.

Pawel Krzywdzinski

Head of Social Marketing Dept.

Ilya Kasatochkin

Zeon Community Lead

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Zeon in Blockchain Conference Moscow 2018

Zeon will be one of the main partners of the Blockchain Conference 2018 in Moscow, Russia. We are looking forward to meet everybody there on our big presentation stand. Special benefits for all guests