Join the Zeon Trading Platform Beta-Test

Dear Traders and Investors, 

It wasn’t easy, but we made it. At last, after long months, the Zeon Team completed the development of a unique trading terminal, oriented to crypto traders, and designed specifically for cryptocurrency trading. 

We tried to make a quality and well-designed product, and it is our hope that you will enjoy working in the Zeon Trading Platform. We’d also appreciate your feedback regarding refinement and optimization of the platform.

Please send your comments, wishes and bug reports to

Join the Beta!

Besides that, we are excited to tell you that the long awaited beta-testing period of the platform has finally started!  Now, more than ever, we need new recruits to identify all the weaknesses of the platform and tell us about them, thereby, making it even better!

It is easy to register for participation in beta-testing. You simply have to go through a few steps: 

  1. Register for a Zeon account
  2. Download trading platform
  3. Take a short test, which will allow us to better line-up testing instruments for you
  4. Simply start working in a platform, and in case of any bugs or wishes you would like to inform us about, visit

Make Zeon Trading Platform better, help Zeon Team to find bugs and issues. Get a free month after the commercial release and two additional week for each bug discovered.

Join already, and start earning on cryptocurrency like a pro.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation

Zeon Team