How To Trade Cryptocurrency in the Most Comfortable Way?

Dear traders and investors, 

We’ve got two new ideas for you: a good one and a really good one.

Let's start with the first one: the cryptomarket continues to develop. It develops so quickly that it’s becoming rather hard to follow the latest news and trends on the cryptocurrency market. Well, we tried to solve this problem: follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and subscribe to our daily analytics and news reports prepared by the Zeon pro-analysts.

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Well, let's get down to business. As we have already said, the market of crypto currency is developing quickly. It seems nothing can stop the daily appearance of thousands of new cryptocurrencies and prevent the conduct of new ICOs. Just look at what a huge capitalization the entire crypto market has led by Bitcoin!

But nothing is perfect. Unfortunately, the market has reached such a value only about half a year ago, and therefore, there are still a lot of rough edges to smooth out. We, the Zeon Team, are trying to improve and develop this market from day to day in order to reduce the traders’ possible negative emotions from working with the crypto industry.

One of the most important aspects which is especially important for traders and investors is security. Unfortunately, there is only a small group of people who really are aware of the cryptomarket, and can correctly convert cryptocurrency and buy it for cash without being deceived by fraudsters. It’s clear that today you can find millions of messages on the Internet on different forums, that order you to exchange and buy cryptocurrencies.Unfortunately, only 5% of them or even less can be considered as  truly honest deals.

Therefore, people who want to avoid risks, turn to the crypto-exchanges. Yes, it's no secret that, that is really the safest and fastest way to exchange and trade crypto! Crypto-exchanges are well regulated and are even monitored by the government in some countries.

Despite this, even such convenient things as crypto-exchanges are still very far from ideal. That's why Zeon Trading Platform  came into being. We try to develop and simplify the entire cryptomarket and to make the process of working with crypto-exchanges simple and convenient for everyone:

  • No more waiting long till a browser loads a page. You can connect your wallets to our platform and work with all the most popular crypto-exchanges through a single Zeon Trading Platform service;
  • Working through the Zeon Trading Platform, you get access  to all professional technologies and trading opportunities that will allow you to analyze the market, your trade and to make transactions with maximum efficiency;
  • In addition, there is an Exchanges Aggregator, Smart Routing function, Algo Studio, and a full range of professional trading opportunities. Interested?

Find more information about all the possibilities available here.

Help us make the Zeon Trading Platform better and report about all the bugs found to and receive bonuses. After the commercial release we will grant you a free month and  two additional free weeks for each bug discovered.

We wish everyone success in crypto trading,

 Zeon Team