5 Most Exciting Zeon Trading Platform Features that will Maximize Your Earnings

Take advantage of the Zeon Trading Platform’s full suite of tools to customize your trading, and gain uninterrupted access to the latest information.

With the Zeon Trading Platform, advanced crypto trading has never been more convenient. Here is just a sampling of the powerful tools at your disposal.

1. Five Top Exchanges in One Platform

The Zeon Trading Platform gives you an easy-to-use portal to the top crypto exchanges. Information updates in our portal faster than it does on the exchanges themselves. Stop waiting for orders to process on jammed individual crypto exchange sites, and apply cross-exchange tools on our unified platform to sharpen your trading and develop your own unique style.

The Zeon Trading Platform processes information and transactions directly through the exchanges without the use of an intermediary server, giving you the best access possible to a wide variety of crypto news, pricing, and trading information.

Security is guaranteed by hosting your API keys on the trader side of the client as opposed to the platform servers. This means no data leakage. You are in full control of your personal data, as it is not stored on the Zeon Trading Platform.

We currently support Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, GDAX, and HitBTC with plenty of room to grow. Vote to add a new exchange of your choosing through the Zeon Trading Platform.

2. More Than 40 Chart Analysis Tools

A thorough grounding in technical analysis is essential for keeping track of the crypto markets, and Zeon Trading Platform supports more than 40 distinct tools to keep you in the game. Our powerful technical analysis tools allow you to track channels, moving averages, oscillators, volatility, volume, trend indicators, and more. Our candlestick charts display a greater depth and for a longer period than those available on the API crypto exchange, and there are three separate options for viewing the glass of orders – Scalper, SuperDom, and Market Depth.

Display up to 30 charts, order books, and other trading information in one window.

3. Synthetic Instruments for Professional Trading

Build your own synthetic trading instruments to make the most of your time on Zeon Trading Platform. Our instrument builder is easy to use but powerful to implement, with all of the technical analysis tools you’ll need to get the most out of your investment.

A single platform lets you consolidate your information into one handy portal. Don’t let opportunities slip by trying to manage your tools across wildly different platforms. Let Zeon Trading Platform simplify your experience so that you can concentrate on your trading.

4. Algo Studio

Don’t waste time by hunting for the perfect trading advisor online or fiddling with a less-than-perfect one in a terminal – use Zeon Trading Platform’s tools to write your own automated systems in C#. Custom crypto bots get you out in the market faster and with more ease than clunky prewritten bots on individual exchanges, and you can test your new tools against historical data to hone them to your individual style. Develop arbitrage strategies using our unparalleled exchange access. Once you’ve optimized your advisors, feel free to share your algorithmic trading methods with other traders and contribute to the crypto trading community.

5. Conditional Orders, Custom Hotkeys, and Mouse Trading

We strive for simplicity and user friendliness without sacrificing sheer speed and power in information analysis. In-built buttons allow you to use your mouse to interact with charts and order books. A panel of default orders and conditional platform requests can also be navigated with the mouse, making advanced, professional trading possible with a single click.

These are just a few of the advantages of the Zeon Trading Platform. No other platform offers you access to the top exchanges and tools with the simplicity of a click-based, user-friendly environment. Sign up for Zeon Trading Platform today and become part of the winning crypto team. The future of advanced, professional crypto trading lies with Zeon Trading Platform.