Portfolio Management and Index Investing with Zeon Trading Platform

Zeon Team
1 June 2018

Zeon Trading Platform grants you access to a synthetic trading tool to test your strategies against historical data and create your own custom portfolio of coins for minimizing risk through diversification. Our synthetic trading tools allow you to optimize commonly used ratios to balance risk and reward without the customary hassle.

Technical Versus Fundamental Analysis in the Crypto Market

Zeon Team
21 May 2018

Both fundamental and technical analysis are ways of evaluating the overall price of a given cryptocurrency. They also both provide tools for predicting where that price will go next. Zeon Trading Platform’s full suite of more than 40 analysis tools allows you to apply both methods to find the most applicable trend indicators.

The Differences Between Crypto and Traditional Trading

Zeon Team
7 May 2018

The art of moving money around in the traditional securities market has direct parallels to digital currency trading. Shuffling Bitcoin or one of the legions of alternative coins – altcoins – on a cryptocurrency exchange platform will seem very familiar to hardened securities traders. There are a few key differences to keep an eye out for, however.